B2B Social Selling Programs

Designing and consulting the program in the Direct and the Channel Sales Department with its own strategy, scope of work, and progress check.Ā 

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B2B Social Selling Training

Training programs for B2B sales: salespeople, sales leaders, marketers and board members delivered as live sessions or video-on-demand.Ā 

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Talks & In-Company Lectures

Bespoke presentations and lectures on social selling,Ā  changes in B2B buying processes, and the future of B2B sales in order to spark interest.

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Social Selling Programs
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Social Selling Program for Direct Sales Departaments

Account Based Sales Programs that result in building an impact on targeted customers using LinkedIn through 3 activities: 

  • Training&Consultations
    Social Selling: why is it a must for modern sales? Trusted Advisor's Profile on LinkedIn, Trusted Advisor's Brand on LinkedIn, Social Selling Strategies & Tactics on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator
  • Individual Personal Branding Strategy
    Publishing content on LinkedIn to influence buying decisions Building a network, building Relationships with customers
  • Buy-in strategy & Measurements
    Buy-in process including C-Suite, sales leaders, marketers and salespeople based on examples and research



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Social Selling Program for Channel - Partners

Digital Sales Transformation program for B2B sales and marketing designed for Vendor's Partners based on 3 pillars:

  • Training Platform
    video-on-demand training, pdf training materials, quizzes and certification
  • Content Platform
    content library, different copies of the same publication, statistics
  • Expert Guidance
    digital maturity audit, dedicated social selling strategy, group & 1:1 consultations, workshops 



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Social Selling Training

Social Selling Training for salespeople, marketing, slaes leaders and Board Mambers.  

Social Selling TrainingĀ Course for Sales&PresalesĀ 

that leads you through all of the most important LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and content creation activities.Ā 

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Inspirational Talks & In-Company Lectures

Social Selling Talks

Public inspirational talks could motivate employees across the organization to start using LinkedIn and social selling as a part of digital culture. 

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In-Company Lectures

In-company speeches for organizations that think about implementing social selling into the strategy as a step in Sales Digital Transformation.  

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