Hi, I'm Katarzyna Sitarska - CEO at HiFuture Consulting
At HiFuture Consulting, our dynamic team includes experienced consultants, trainers, and strategists. We're passionate about creating synergistic programs that harness the power of modern digital tools to drive success.


I'm a Social Selling Consultant&Trainer with 13 years of experience in B2B sales.I support sales and marketing departments in regaining an impact on customers in the digital era by implementing social selling programs and tools such as LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and content in a well-thought-out and time-optimized way. 

I started using LinkedIn and content when I was working as a salesperson. Then I discovered how powerful these tools were and how easily salespeople could impact customers through digital channels. That was the reason I became a consultant in 2018. 

As a part of Monday Group, I've been a trainer for Dell Technologies' social selling programs in CEE countries since 2020 and for SAP on the Polish market since 2021. I've trained about 1500 people so far, including salespeople, marketing, sales leaders, Board Members, internal experts, and HR

I'm a graduate of the Sandler Training and Customer-Centric Selling and a certified Business Trainer with a specialization in B2B sales.

As I have a sales background, I combine traditional sales approaches with digital tools to make the sales process easier for salespeople.

Privately I'm a happy wife and a mother of twins 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🥰🥰


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