5 pillars of a successful social selling strategy on LinkedIn

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Welcome! If you're eager to harness the power of LinkedIn for social selling, you're in the right place. Whether you're a hunter, farmer, or in presales, these pillars are for you.

1. Establish a Trusted Advisor Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression. To be successful:

  • Complete all 8 profile sections:

-Main photo

-Background graphic



-Featured section




  • Avoid cliches like "top performer" or "results-driven".
  • Highlight your unique value proposition. How can you assist your customers in achieving their goals?
  • Use customer recommendations as social proof, rather than colleague endorsements.

Tip: Check out the checklist to refine your profile.

2. Regular Content Publishing

Content is king on LinkedIn. By publishing, you're essentially voicing your insights.

Three Main Content Types:

  • Third-party content – Share industry news and trends, add your comments.
  • Company content – Spotlight your products or services.
  • Original content – Craft your own articles or videos for a personalized touch.

Method to stay relevant: Address and answer frequent questions from your prospects or customers.

3. Connect with Customers

Expand your LinkedIn network to include both known and potential clients.

Send invitations thoughtfully: Always accompany them with a personalized note. A cold invitation is like handing out a business card without a greeting.

4. Cultivate relationships on LinkedIn

Engage with your network to show genuine interest.

Engagement tactics:

  • Like and comment on posts.
  • Send birthday wishes and other congratulatory messages.
  • Share relevant resources, such as articles or reports, in comments.

Remember: Social selling is all about nurturing relationships.

5. Utilize Digital Footprints

Understand your customers better by studying their digital interactions.

  • Leverage private messages and content to stay top-of-mind.
  • Use modern tools like Sales Navigator and Google Alerts to monitor your customers' activities and mentions.

By embracing these five social selling practices, you can foster meaningful relationships with prospects, increasing the probability of conversion, and maintain robust relationships with current customers.

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